Nutter Family Tree

Albert Nutter b:1912 with wife Elizabeth & Family

This site is in its infancy.However I would like to give special thanks to Mark Nutter who I met via Genes Reunited and it seems is my 4th cousin. Maybe one day we will meet. Who knows! I started to build it to give other living relatives the chance to see their family tree and also to have the ability to contact me to update it with details of members no longer living who they may still remember.

My own personal family tree deals directly with the Nutters in Stockport, Cheshire. They seem to have originated from Barrowford just outside Colne, Lancashire in the early 1800’s. As many people are aware the Nutters have a link to the last trials of witches in England. The connection is with a lady called Alice Nutter and the trial dates back to 1612. My aim is to try and find a difinitive link back to her.

Obviously along my tree travels I have come across other non Nutters. For example my fathers wife had the maiden name Parry. My mothers mother had the maiden Hunter and my dads mother had the maiden name Broomhead so this site also has a dedication to them as well.

Grandad Albert b:1912 (centre) on a work break.

The main focus of my tree is as follows:

NuttersĀ  – So far dating back to 1739

Brooomhead: Dating back to around 1790

Parry: At the moment only to 1893

Hunter: Up to 1851

Presford: Up to 1844

If you have your own Nutter family tree and would like me to publish on this site to create a form of database then please send your gedcom file to me and I will do the rest.